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Friday, 24 December 2010

Truth will set you free hopefully, or at least point you to some new friends.

The truth always floats to the surface eventually no matter how much shit it is buried under, sometime's it might need a little bit of help with the metaphoric spade but generally it manages fine on its own.

For the paranoid among us the internet is wonderful resource as no longer do you have to physically exert yourself trawling through books or travelling vast distances to find evidence to convince yourself and others that your not mad after all,

or at least not alone in your madness.

You can now find evidence for almost anything with a few badly spelt search terms and a click of the mouse. Even completely un connected pages of information with a bit of  imagination can be shoe horned to fit the most far reaching of conspiracies and beliefs.  A bit of creative licence is fine and i quite support it as longs as it isn't written to imply it is true. The internet is bulging with half truths it is becoming far to much like main stream media where it is harder and harder to get away from the forced lies and deceit. Stories are buried as fast as they come out and top sites are no longer top because of the amount they have been viewed but rather buy how much was spent to advertise them near the top. So how do we get to the bottom of it? Restrict use edit and censor all information before it comes out? I don't think it matters! if information is restricted in one form like graffiti it will just show up on a slightly higher wall or harder to reach place. It seems the only good thing censorship dose is to persuade people to become more creative in there methods of getting it out there. Banning books only made them best sellers and more sought after and encrypting data only makes more people curious to what is encrypted. A old friend once told me that locks and keys were only designed to keep the honest people out. if someone really wants it they will get it so why not minimise the damage and leave the dam door open after all if there’s truth to be found its only matter of time before someone else opens it for you.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Have you been processed?


“In England at the beginning of the nineteenth century there were, perhaps, a few thousand 'lunatics' housed in a variety of disparate institutions but by 1900 that figure had grown to about 100,000.”

In the heart of Sussex there is a building that at one point in history housed more people than the population of Brighton. It was built in 1859 and is a quarter of a mile in length; it was the largest of its kind in Sussex but not the only one. Every county in  the uk had one. Hospitals badly needed investment and upgrading yet money was ploughed in large asylums instead.

People were admitted for all sorts of reasons not just because they were ill mentally. Even promiscuous young women would find themselves living within the walls of The local Asylum. The doors finally closed on the Asylums in the 1990’s and although there are many stories associated with them, generally in the last 20-30 years of their lives they were happy places for the patients and staff who resided there.
Because of the amount of time they functioned for (over 100 years) i cannot help but wonder what kind of a impact these places had on the population of the UK.

On this sort of scale i could only imagine it to be a kind of social cleansing. I can’t help but wonder what types of people were left to live on the outside of what in my mind’s eye i see as huge people processing plants with people quite literally being pulled from society.
The only people i can imagine who were living on the outside must have been farmers and working class that were needed to keep the county going along with a lot of yes men.
 A type of Eugenics operating in the UK was this as scary as it sounds?. Church hill wrote in a letter of 1899 declared that 'the improvement of the British breed is my political aim in Life’.

"The improvement of the British breed is my aim in life," Winston Churchill wrote to his cousin Ivor Guest on 19 January 1899, shortly after his twenty-fifth birthday. Churchill's view was reinforced by his experiences as a young British officer serving, and fighting, in Arab and Muslim lands, and in South Africa. Like most of his contemporaries, family and friends, he regarded races as different, racial characteristics as signs of the maturity of a society, and racial purity as endangered not only by other races but by mental weaknesses within a race. As a young politician in Britain entering Parliament in 1901, Churchill saw what were then known as the "feeble-minded" and the "insane" as a threat to the prosperity, vigour and virility of British society.


Could this be why now in the uk we are so docile and display this stiff upper lip in the face of trouble times, where our friends on the continent when faced with similar problems are seen to be tearing up the streets. Is the fear still inherent so much so that we feel if we speak up or voice our opinions men in white coats might once again come drag us from our homes. Is the reason that today the mental health is one of the largest health issues in the uk because it is no longer managed in the way that it has been in for the last hundred years who’s knows I can only but speculate.

UFOS__Can_you_Handle_the_Truth? - UFOS: Can you Handle the Truth? Video


No idea what they are talking about but the footage is interesting.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Proposed new year's resolution

What is reality, quite simple put it is whatever you perceive it to be.  To cause change within your reality you first have to realize that a problem exists, once it has been identified then comes the task of understanding it.

Realization is the key to understanding.

If each person actively concentrated on a problem that was directly affecting them rather than worrying about things which they have no control over change I would hope start to happen.  The best way explain this would be to imagine a street in an ordinary town.  The street looks run down each house needs repair and their gardens look messy.   If one person goes out and tidies up there house, the chances are their neighbour would do the same. Before you know it you would have a whole street of nice and tidy houses. By dealing and getting your own house in order it has hopefully inspired and motivated everybody else to do the same. 

 Anything you perceive to be a problem is in your mind and is in effect your problem.  Not everyone perceives the same things.  What you see is a problem might not be for someone else.  You have probably watched hundreds of news stories through out the day on a variety of issues from your own country and around the world, but i expect there is only a few that you can actually remember.  The media delivers a good mix of stories which you can do nothing about.  This causes disassociation from your fellow man and isolates you, which in turn makes you feel powerless.  If you believe the media the only way you could help in any way is by donating what little money you have to the cause. Sadly this is usually the only reason they bring attention to the problem in the first place. 

 The truth of the matter is you are powerful and you can make a difference and you can start by getting yourself to deal with the problems that you personally have identified and that you have the ability to fix.  Don’t leave it or wait for someone else as the chances are they haven’t even noticed it.  Write that letter of complaint, cut that over grown hedge, move that litter it all helps however small.  If you take pride in where you live other people will do too.  The more things get fixed by the people the less will have to be paid out to companies that charge over the top prices to the government for their services.  Make this your new year’s resolution and hopefully the next lot of cuts will be in what we pay out in taxes and not cuts in our needed services. 

Ancient Aliens - S02E08 - Unexplained Structures

Sunday, 12 December 2010

M.A.N project the device

Creating the MAN drones wasn’t as difficult as speculated the hardest part in the process was enabling them to work, live and function together.  Because of the native DNA used from the primitive Earth species we found the first drones to be aggressive and lacking in the ability to function as a collective. If they were going to be used as war drones this wouldn’t be a problem as individually each drone showed very promising results when left to its own devices.
Rather than giving up all together and starting again by splicing another native species we decided to look at the root cause of the social issues the Man drones had developed.  The solution it turns out was related to personality, or more the lack of. The native primitives were very family orientated and lived in communities; they had a ridged social structure which we found was very similar to the primitive Ur (wolf) of the planet. But that level of social structure takes centuries to develop which is time we don’t have if we want to keep the project to the set schedule. So another way had to be found.  The answer though not perfect turned out to be surprisingly simple.
Because only a few samples of the DNA we took actually spliced well with our own we were ending up will basically a lot of copies. Each copy shared essentially the same emotions and thoughts, each drone when faced with a problem sought the solution the same way which caused conflict. We needed a way to create perspective and encourage imagination and thought. 
By splitting the brain into two half’s and giving dominance to one side or another meant that no two drones were the same. When we placed the first two together it was immediately clear by their non aggressive more curious stance that we had found a solution.
As we had only 12-13 different samples we had to divide the brains up still further in to different key strengths as to insure a larger collective group would function amicable together and that each individual would feel useful within the group so as not to feel alienated.   The difficulty was regulating it so that if as has been known with this species you have multiple births’ you didn’t get two or more children with the same personalities.  In the laboratory electric shock on the new born achieved the setting of the personality but out in the wild this would of course not be possible.
The brain segments  could be programmed to activate via the mother but we needed a way to insure that later on down the line when the population grows  and more drones are born at the same time. that you didn’t have too many of the same types excisting in one area.    The idea that was put forward and was eventually used was called, astrologically dictated personality or A.D.P for short. 
A.D.P worked like a clock (a biological clock) each passing moment gave a different pattern to the developing brain. Whatever the pattern is when the child is born and conscious it is then set for life. To ensure the biological clock stays in sync it is kept in check by the movement of the stars in their  own solar system or rather the background electromagnetic field they create, which although weak creates minute fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field which in turn is sensed subconsciously by the Childs mother.  The stars were found to be the most reliable source due to the obits unlikely changing in the time we need.  The close proximity of their moon also found to help simulate natural rhythms which other unmanaged evolved species can do without help.
A Device will be left with the guides who are overseeing the initial stages of the drone’s integration on earth. This will help them determine population control so if one type becomes dominate in a area they can use the device to predict the next generation and if need be manipulate it. Attached is the finale design for the device please let me know if you require any further functions to it or changes to be made.

May you do well in your endeavours!
M.A.N project overseer

There comes a time when speculation becomes reality, is that time now?

There comes a time when speculation becomes reality, is that time now?

“Times are a changing and changing fast never before has information been exchange so freely and so quickly and with little regard to the consequences.  People are waking from a slumber of ignorance to a world that is crying for change.
The truth will rise. People who have made decisions based on greed will fall. It may be slow but be patient the cracks are already showing. The media will spin,  Large events will attempt to cover the proverbial cat as it escapes from the bag.  

2010 what a year!

Armed only with cameras people march forth into 2011 with eyes wide open, see the world for what it really is. Look to capture the truth, sadness and the joys and share it with the world waiting to be your friend.” 

  So says the hopefully the not so blind_cat!

Shocking Military behaviour

WikiRebels- report on freedom of speech & Wikileaks

Ancient Aliens - S02E07 - Angels and Aliens

Ancient drawings aliens/Gods/astronauts or time travel


Ancient Art depicting items of unknown origin, speculated to be images of aliens/gods that visited a long time ago or is  possible evidence or time travel? Or are we just jumping to conclusions?








Ancient Aliens The Visitors

















Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The not easily explained collection.

 Evidence or time travel, Aliens, Advance civilizations? There are many theories? i would like to stick as many anomalies as possible  in one place  so to get a better picture of how common these items are around the world and hopefully provoke further thought. 

Temple of Seti the 1st (Seti I) carvings believed to be over 3000 years old.
What is displayed in the above carving modern machine’s or just a result of erosion or people re writing in the soft sand stone?
Dendera Lights
Dose the above depict a light bulb? Scientist have created a working example based on the above carving.
Antikythera Mechanism
“Retrieved by sponge divers off the coast of Antikythera in or around 1900AD.  Scientists all agree that it is real and that it dates from some time during the 2nd century BC making it well over 2,000 years old.  Not until the 18th century do you see anything similar”
vimana actual vimana4
“Discovered in Pre-Columbian tombs and date back to 800-600BC”
Palenque: (Mayan Pyramid Complex)
What dose this carving show?

"Disputa sull'Eucaristia" by Ventura Salimbeni"

 Resemblance to the Russian sputnik probe? Proof of time travel or did they take inspiration from the early 1600 painting?

Saqqara bird
When the model was scaled up and tested in a wind tunnel it should signs of being capable of flight. It would need a elevator on the tail to aid flight. Intrestingly their is a notch on the tail which at one time might have contained one. Just a model of a bird? Or very early plan?

 Gobekli Tepe in Turkey Predates the Pyramids of Giza

It is 11,500 years old. g  That’s 7,000 years before the Pyramids of Giza and 6,000 years before Stonehenge

wikipedi description

More to be added!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Egyptian pyramid theory

After visiting the great pyramids in Egypt, I couldn't help wondering whether at all we might have the actual purpose of them wrong. And there might be a another use for them rather than just for burying the dead. I'm not sure whether this has been an already considered purpose or not so will be interested on any insights into this and whether it is possible. Nature always tries to improve its previous designs and man being a part of this tends to do the same, we take something we know about and try to improve it. The Egyptians created a number of things to improve mans natural abilities most of which are still in use today, lenses to improve eyesight are one of these examples. Could hearing also have been considered and enhanced? We have all seen the benefits of improved hearing, take the old Cowboy and Indian movies where an Indian tracker puts his ear to the ground to pick up any faint rumble of incoming trouble or more usefully with finding game. We know the Egyptians were familiar with sound engineering so could they too have created something to enhance these abilities too. We know if you put a glass to a wall you get a clearer sound and you may or may not have seen old ear trumpets which were used by the hard of hearing before hearing aids. Try and imagine that but on a larger scale.

A pyramid has a large base finishing in as we know a peak. Imagine soundwaves coming up from the ground and bouncing off the walls. In a stone pyramid as you could probably imagine what with the space these sounds are greatly increased. Interestingly if you draw a pyramid and draw sounds waves coming up from the base and bouncing around the walls in side you tend to notice if you do it enough times the waves cross about a third of the way up the pyramid. Now the interesting bit as we know the inside of a pyramid isn't a vast empty space, there are a number of different sized chambers and a maze of narrow tunnels and chambers. Could these be designed not as access tunnels but rather a way of focusing the individual sound wave’s that you as a listener would be interested in. Basically a filter system turning the pyrimid into a large observatory.

You design a tunnel that allows certain wave lengths up but with angles in it that reflect the unwanted sounds back. Obviously there is a lot more to it but im trying to keep it as simple as can in the hope that I am making sense and not boring you. A person sitting in one of the chambers would be bombarded with sound and if they had acute trained hearing along with a understanding of the sounds they were hearing they could probably make useful information out of it. ie; they might pick up on the distant rumble of a storm, or the advancement of incoming troops. If they were really good they may even be able to hear the subtle changes of the environment of when the moon changes phase. Imagine Full Moon brings tide changes, different weather patterns all of which create a sound landscape which could be translated into a environmental picture. If they were focused on the moon for example and made a mark every time the sounds changed they could quite possible create one of the most advanced calendars known. This may seem a little far fetched but I can't help thinking that when I was in one of the chambers of the pyramid there did seem to be an absence of high pitched sound and an increase in the lower frequencies. I also couldn't help to wonder would happen if the process was reversed and sound was generated inside the pyramid and focused out the many vents that lead to the outside of the pyramid, any invading troops or upsets in society would probably stop dead in there tracks by the sound generated. They also say if you place a blunt razor a third of the way up in a pyramid the next day it will be sharp, could this be because sound vibrates the blade against the stone which sharpens the blade?

Still not convinced? Well another example of sound telescopes if you like have been used more recently and for a similar purpose as the purposed Egyptian idea. During the war we built along our coasts big sound barriers with slot holes leading into stone rooms where a solder would wait listening for subtle sounds of incoming planes from Europe, it was one of the first steps towards creating radar that we have today. Sounds from the aircraft were picked up from up to 40 to 60 miles away, though of course not always successfully, but it was tried.

Another little curiosity I got thinking about while in Egypt was how the pyramids were built and the stones moved and cut in the first place. And i herd and expression that captured my imagination. This was 'come ride my camel' And I heard someone mention that they were known as the great ships of the desert and I wondered. One thing the Egyptians have a lot of in Egypt is wind, and being adapt sailors I considered whether it would be possible that they used the desert winds to their advantage. By creating sails to act like kites, enough of these sails might be enough for the deserts winds to take enough of the weight of the stones so the camels could pull the stones to the location required cutting down the man power. What an amazing sight it might have been to see a line of camels with huge sails coming over the horizon dragging the stones. Interestingly the Egyptian Ankh is quite similar to a tool that guides ropes and can take force. Once the stones were in the right location you might use another resource water and sand. A sand blaster could be created. By having a high water tank with a sand mix and pipes leading down which get narrower the closer they get to the nozzle pressure can be built up. This could possible make quite a handy cutting tool for the fairly soft sand stone. Also if cutting granite could there knowledge of sound help there as well. By hitting the stone fractures could be detected enabling the granite to be broken up more easily. could the reason they have such tight fitting joint in there walls be because they have built them like a jigsaw puzzle. Breaking the stone and fitting it back together joint to joint making a naturally fitting wall. I look forward to any insights into these ideas and I apologise in advance if there are not anything new I have just been too lazy to do the homework, making it up is easier. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Why not just trust us?

For the first time in known history every man, woman and child has a voice thanks to the internet.  How long this freedom is going to last is unknown as already websites are being restricted from public access or are being removed.  Should this be allowed? Should we have someone removing the sites altogether for our so called protection? Isn’t it just a case of you only find it if you are indeed looking for it in the first place.  I think it’s down to the parent to restrict content for their children not the provider but i don’t think as adults we should have items restricted  for us.

 But is that just asking for trouble, of course it is we would be bombarded with all sorts of content wouldn’t we? Terrorist organizations spreading propaganda, companies targeting us for the latest product well at least that is what we are lead to believe.  Would that really happen? There’s bound to be sites that will be posted up with content that someone somewhere will not want to see but as with most things on the internet you only really come across those sites if you are pointed in the direction of them in the first place. So maybe in that case it’s not the internet that should be restricted but the methods used to advertise and to promote the sites.  Mainstream news in my opinion seems to be the biggest problem in publicizing things we shouldn’t be seeing. Like moths to a flame if told we shouldn’t look at something you can be sure we will. 

So what can be done the media is all ready monitored and some say used to direct out attentions for the gains of others.  If you’re going to restrict the media then you would also have to restrict all the social messaging sites and networks.  Practically everyone would have to be monitored to stop malicious content from being spread is this really what we want? 

Why not just trust us leave the content where it is allow us the freedom to be exposed to whatever we may find just please don’t force it upon us. In my experience of social networking people filter the content themselves and only pass on what they feel the majority would want to hear. The only time news stories get attention is if there has been a wrong doing or a injustice like the Mp’s expenses for an example and then usually this is passed on in the form of a joke.  Its hiding content in that makes things powerful look at how many books were made best sellers just from being banned. 

 Let everyone have a voice, a freedom to express themselves any which way they can. Let them be crude, rude nasty and nice and quite simply If you don’t like something don’t look at it and please defiantly never ever pass it on!

National Association of Radio-Distress Signalling and Infocommunications